The Dual Education program based on German learning methods

How we got involved in this

,,This program is a very efficient one and we believe this is where our next store managers or even country managers will come from. The majority of the Rewe Groups’s board members have come from dual education programs, and sooner or later, this will also be the case here. We are proud to be amongst the first to do this in Romania.

Daniel GROSS – Director General, PENNY Market

We raise professionals

You need training, we need new colleagues. PENNY is a supporter of the Dual Education program ,,Scoala de arte si meserii'' that equally combines practice and theory ever since its first edition in 2017. The program, based on german learning methods, enrolls students for three years and is supported by PENNY in partnership with 8 high schools.
We are proud to have 90 students enrolled so far. In the 2022 – 2023 school year we aim to draw 45 more students from all around the country to this program.
At graduation you will receive a international recognized diploma that certifies you as retail specialist and the opportunity to become part of our team. All activities are closely supervised by the Romanian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

What does the Dual Education program ,,Scoala de arte si meserii'' mean?

What does the Dual Education program ,,Scoala de arte si meserii'' mean?

Registrations are made between July 4th and 8th, 2022 at the secretariats of the partner high schools:

National Economic College - Brasov – "Andrei Bârseanu"
National Economic College – Sibiu – "George Bariţiu"
Economic College – Timișoara – "Emanuil Ungureanu"
Technical College – Cluj Napoca – "Iulian Pop"
Technical College – Bucuresti – “Nicolae Tesla”
Technical College – Buftea – “Barbu Stirbei”
Economic College - Iasi - "Virgil Madgearu"
Commercial College- Constanta – “Carol I”
Economic College – Oradea – “Partenie Cozma”

The entrance exam will take place during the 13-14 school year.

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This is where you can find answers for the most frequently asked questions.

What is dual education?

Dual education is a learning program that combines theory and practice in a balanced manner. If you decide to attend The Dual Education program at PENNY., you will be financially rewarded throughout the entire program.

Are there any requirements I need to meet?

You can apply if you are over 14 years old and under 26. You should also be an 8th grade graduate.

Is this a training program?

This is not a training program. We focus more on offering students practical experience in PENNY stores and theoretical knowledge during high school classes from a dedicated and well trained team of mentors.

Do I have to pay to attend this program?

No, this program is free. Moreover, PENNY rewards you with 200 lei every school month and the state also offers you 200 lei every month.