Internship program

⦿ REWE Romania carries out a multidisciplinary TRAINING PROGRAM (traineeship) aimed at recent graduates of higher education. Through the program, the selected candidates benefit from a deep and comprehensive understanding of the organization structures and processes that it carries out.

Candidates selected to take part in this program will have, during the 12 months, the status of employees, benefiting from a fixed-term employment contract and a salary remuneration.

The training program can be carried out in a single department during the year, or in 4 departments.

At the end of the traineeship program those whose qualities they will be able to recommend them will have the chance to take a position within the company.

Your benefits package includes:
- Attractive salary plus performance bonus;

- Private medical insurance;

- Table vouchers;

- Gift vouchers for Easter and Christmas;

- Additional days for rest holidays;

- Training for professional development.

We are young, friendly, energetic and fair. We focus our efforts on what matters - simple and fast. We impose discounting trends, so every idea matters. All departments function as a great team, sharing the same organizational culture, same values ​​and goals.

⦿ The International Management Trainee Program is based on the principle of getting to know the retail business from scratch and gaining a broad perspective and impression of the Group. By going through the different phases and fields of activity, in this program the trainee receives a generalist training while getting to know the Group with its national and international organizational units and company structures as a whole.

The goal is to train the trainees on a REWE-International wide (“Retail International” wide) scale. For this purpose, the employee is posted at various specialist departments and retail stores of REWE International AG within the country as well as abroad. After completion of the training program, a permanent position yet to be defined will be agreed.
With our 16-month International Management Trainee Program we offer you the opportunity to learn retail from scratch and take on responsible and exciting tasks at REWE International. During the program you will gain comprehensive insights into our company, build an international network, actively participate in our core business and work on demanding projects – nationally & internationally.