People are the most valuable assets of a company and only by investing in them a company can grow bigger and stronger. Therefore, we provide a flexible organisational structure for our employees, where they are indeed the primary and central focus of the company. In return, we only ask for your dedication, energy and will to keep learning to become the best at what you do.

Here is what we offer you at PENNY!

Because we want you to enjoy working here, we pledge to always find the best solutions for your needs: flexible schedule, performance bonuses, a shopping card with extra benefits, support in the most important moments of your life and many more.

How to apply


Working at PENNY. comes with a lot of benefits. Here are some of them.


PENNY. is part of the REWE Group. Our shared vision is: together for a better life. Here, at PENNY. Romania we gather our forces, expertise and experience to offer clients from all over the country everything that’s good, everything that they like. This is where our slogan comes from: PENNY. knows what we like. Now, that we are getting to know each other better, we can also tell you that we have opened 250 stored so far and we are not stopping here. Our team has more than 4800 employees and our entire network is served by three logistic centers located in: Stefanestii de Jos, Turda and Bacau.


At PENNY., you will have the opportunity to continuously develop yourself professionally in a dynamic and safe place. Our organisational structure encourages you to do so, the people surrounding you are open to this and your ambition and dedication can lead the way to success. We’re young, friendly, energetic and always focused on what matters most: making things simpler and better, finding solutions where others only see problems. We really think you would enjoy working here!

STABILITY, Honesty and OPPORTUNITIES at the work place


Although your colleagues have different life experiences, they all have in common the will to build a career to be proud of. No matter what your position in our company is, you will find that the people surrounding you have a strong team spirit, are honest and you can always depend on them for help.


If we convinced you to apply for a job at PENNY., check out our available positions here.