An important part of what we do here at PENNY is finding talented people, willing to learn, to help them develop their capabilities and offer them the possibility to continue working here and become key members of our teams. For them we have created specific development programs in accordance with their needs, that will further help them make the first steps towards a successful career in retail.


To be the best, we need every member of our team to continue developing its abilities and to aim for a successful career. Therefore, we need to make sure every employee has this opportunity.

With the help of the CSP process, each employee receives feedback from his superior every year, which they then discuss and together draw new directions for development. The main purpose of this workflow is to help all our employees evaluate their work objectively, to be rewarded for their performances and to keep evolving continuously with the help of the people around them.


Our yearly teambuilding is an event that brings together colleagues form three of our regional headquarters (Bacău, Turda, Ștefăneștii de Jos). During these events our teams spend quality time together and participate in different types of interactive activities. The objective of these activities is to consolidate the team and to show the importance of working as a team in generating new results, performing better, cooperate and communicate, overcoming personal limitations, all while having a good time.

Strategic sales conference

The strategic sales conference is an annual event created for the sales team. During these events we celebrate the results of ongoing projects and present the new set objectives. This event is also a chance for our colleagues to join dynamic and energizing activities.

The PENNY Buddy Program

We want to make sure our teams work well together so we invest in programs that encourage cross department collaboration.
One of these projects is The PENNY Buddy Program. This project lasts for 6 months and involves the store leaders and colleagues from our central headquarter. Its purpose is to facilitate collaboration between stores and central headquarter teams and to directly involve employees in the decision-making process for store activities. For half a year, colleagues collaborate to make working processes better, to innovate the systems we work with, so that in the end the results are implemented across the country. We are aware of our responsibility to business, employees, environment and community, and that is the reason why most of our projects are committed to lifelong education for our teams.

Family Day

We encourage PENNY Market employees to pay great attention to maintaining a healthy life work balance. That is why we implement projects that offer our employees the occasion to spend more time with their families. Starting 2018 we celebrate Family Day. During it employees for our three-regional headquarters (Ștefăneștii de Jos, Turda și Bacău) spend a day at the office with their kids. The children can take part in different interactive workshops, adapted to their age group and can enjoy a visit in the warehouse area.

Thematic trainings

Developing the competencies of our colleagues is essential, so from the moment we hire a new employee we offer him/ her the possibility to take part in different training programs. Each new employee is granted an adjustment period in which we facilitate the opportunity to get to know contact personnel, but also to learn the basics for the activity they take part in. Learning a foreign language or perfecting technical skill, taking part in leaderships programs or international trainings are part of the options any employee has.
Step by step we help our employees build a career and we draw with them the development plan.

Buftea community centre voluntary work – in partnership with Habitat for Humanity

Starting from 2016, we support the Habitat for Humanity mission to eradicate poor living conditions and to build durable communities. We began our collaboration with building a triplex in the Moinești Habitat complex, we continued with the local medical centre from Nicolae Bălcescu, and currently we are helping with the construction of a community centre in Buftea, that will change the lives of teenagers from underprivileged communities.
Also, with this Habitat for Humanity partnership, we joined the action to raise funds for The Bucharest International 10K Run, and with the collected sum we will support more social cases.


Here you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

How soon can I get a promotion?

This depends only on you.

Can I ask to be transferred to another department?

Yes, our organisational structure allows that. If you feel like your place is in another department, you can ask for a transfer when an available position occurs.

What are the performance benefits of PENNY Market?

Performance benefits are financial and are offered in the form of salary bonuses. In addition, the benefits package that an employee can benefit from is complex and includes meal vouchers, extra days off, medical insurance, etc.

What happens if the evaluation does't reveal good results?

The purpose of an evaluation is to offer employees an objective perspective on their work and to offer them the opportunity to improve themselves. If the evaluation does't reveal good result you will decide together with your superior what are the next steps and what needs to be improved.


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